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My Story
2012 changed my life forever. Coming down a slide at a holiday park my back went.  I had suffered for years with back problems but this was it.  I have never experienced pain like it, I thought my future was in a wheel chair.  I knew then I had to change my life.  I lost alot that day, my confidence, my ability to work/play with the kids, do sport or even walk at times and a business I had built up over 12 years.
So I trained to be a Nordic Walking Instructor which worked out for a while but it was not enough to stop me having major back/ knee pain, massive flare ups and monthly visits to the specialist and virtually popping pain killers like candy - I needed something else.
In early 2016 I discovered Pilates and Trigger Point Pilates and these techniques have become my solution to staying pain free, mobile and not requiring pain killers to even simply turn over at night.
I no longer have to get monthly emergency appointments with the chiropractor, I manage my own condition with a series of simple, yet carefully planned stretches.  Even better I am helping many, many more people do the same.
Don't get me wrong, my classes are not just for people like me.  Pilates offers so many health benefits I have teens to grandparents in the same group.
Pilates is a journey of self discovery.  You can change your health with the right approach.  Pilates is my medicine - it could be yours....