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Let Pilates set you free...........

Pilates has turned my life around and it could be for you!

I lived in constant agony with back pain, I popped painkillers like sweeties and I was truly miserable with living with continual pain.

Pilates has become my medicine. I very rarely take painkillers, in fact I can't tell you when I last did. I used to have to wake to turn over a night, pop pills to get back to sleep - those days are gone - thank god!!!! My husband was totally shocked when he cleared my bedside cabinet of the empty tablet packets, to me it had just become the norm of years of pain management.

Now I am not saying Pilates is the cure for all ill's BUT its helped me change my life.

I trained as a Level 3 Pilates Instructor and my combination of Trigger Point Pilates and Joseph Pilates is helping so many each week. How do I know this? they tell me.... its not just back pain either Pilates can help so may things. You can enter class feeling pants and leave feeling so much better. In fact it was just yesterday when a lady said she could hardly get out of the car... she left class and forgot her stick! Now that is a result in everyone's books.

If you are reading this and can relate in any way, take a look at my story. I am still on my journey and I still have bad days and flare ups but that is life with a long term condition. The difference is I am managing this soooo much better than I ever was and I have a life!!!

My classes are small (no more than 14), they are friendly and I provide all the equipment you need. The cost is just £6 per class and I have spaces in a couple of my groups in Warton and Freckleton.

If you would like to come and try, or simply to chat to see if I think Pilates can help you, just drop me a private message or use the link on the website.

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