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4 classes for £20 - can you afford not to try?

Ok so here is the thing, we would all love to be able to sit and easily flex forward and touch our toes with ease - its a no brainer really isnt it.

Well as many of us know, its just not that easy is it. We have tight hamstrings, backs that don't flex, disc that prolapse oh the list goes on as we age our bodies just stop doing the things we want them to do.

How we live with this is the key to our happiness.....

I see so many people in pain, living a half life. The medical professionals dish out the pills the NHS are fantastic but support so little complimentary therapies that could offer real, practical solutions to pain management.

Sometime, just sometimes it takes nothing more than a series of controlled and structured stretches to relieve so many symptoms for back, hip, leg and shoulder pain.

In my classes I get people coming up to me after each lesson, telling me how much attending class is helping them. It's a joy to hear, as I came into Pilates to manage my own pain. It was only through this self discovery, that I found the solution that I wanted to share.

Ok Pilates is not going to be for everyone, that's fine. Some people's medical conditions are far greater than I can provide for but honestly, for so many Pilates can really start to unlock so many things. Its not just about pain management, its about mental wellbeing, friendship and feeling that you have balance and control in your life.

So if you are sat reading this, feeling a bit rubbish, how much would you actually pay to help ease your symptoms?

Pilates is a progressive exercise and I think my class members would agree, you either use it or loose it. It is a life style change but one for the better, one that you will carry forward with you in life AND one that you can't implement at home.

I am offering 4 classes, to be taken over no more than 4 weeks for just £20. Less than a take away and a bottle of wine!

(Classes to run for 4 consecutive weeks with no roll overs or refunds. Block are booked via the online system subject to your suitability to attend class - contact us for full terms and conditions).

I have limited availability in the following classes all aimed at the beginner working towards improver:-

Monday 9.30am Warton - 7.45pm Freckleton - 9.30am Freckleton - 9.30am Warton.

Please use the contact box for more details.

Thanks Andrea

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