So what is stopping you?

Sometimes it is not easy going into an established Pilates class.

The fear of thinking you will not be able to do it, being looked at, not having the right kit.

You don't have to be worried about any of those things in my groups.

Firstly, I make sure you are ok to do Pilates. For the majority this is not a problem but for others getting up and down off the floor, or the nature of a pre-existing condition may mean I refer you back to your GP/specialist first.

All classes are layered with the exercises, you are given a number 1,2 or 3 with a demo of what level to work at. As weeks progress you can try a level above. If you are not feeling great in a particular week, you can always step back a level. I recently spent some classes partly chair based, then worked to level 1 and now slowly getting back to where I was at - why? my back played up, its me and something I have to live with. We have to listen to our bodies and knowing the exercises 1,2,3 means you can adapt as we go along.

We have a mix of ladies and gents in some classes and its lovely to see more guys coming to class. We are all in class for the same reason - to improve our Pilates and feel the benefits:)

You won't need to feel like you are walking into a wall of mirrors with people that look like they dropped off the cat walk. Yeah, we all like nice gym kit but TBH what we like and what some of us have are two different things.

All you need for class is a comfortable pair of pants and a t shirt. Nothing special at all.

So if you know of anyone that is suffering with restricted movement, back pain, low mood why not bring them along to a few classes and enjoy the benefits of Pilates together.

I have a couple of classes both evening and daytime that have space for 2. Just drop me a PM if you are interested.

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