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Carry on Pilates at home - go on you know you can.. it has never been easier with our at home class

Updated: Jul 3, 2020


So did you come to class 1/2/3 times a week but have missed your Pilates?

No need to worry my online classes are a great place to be.

You exercise in the comfort of your own home

No zoom involved so I don't see you and your home

No Impact - maximum restorative sessions

Suitable for the beginner to improver and all exercises done at level 1, 2 and 3 - you choose what is right for you.

Direct access to your instructor

3 Live classes to join in per week and loads on catch up to pick and choose from

A friendly an positive place to be

All for just £20 for a 4 week block and - no contract!



* Keep up with your mindful breathing. Particularly if you are feeling stressed or anxious. Take some time out, lock yourself away (in the loo at work even) and take 3 minutes to close your eyes and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Empty your mind, just let your breath flow you into a calmer place. I find 3 minutes is perfect amount of time as no one will miss you and it is enough time for your mind and body to settle.

* Be mindful of your own postural muscles. I chat in class about what you should be feeling and when. Listen to your body, what is it telling you right now as you read this? If you are tight on one side, try and release muscles with our go to exercises we do each week. A little spine twist or lateral flexion would not go a miss even if you are sat at a desk or stood waiting for a client/patient/class or even the kettle.

*Stop looking down, stand tall, roll those shoulders back in the sockets, stand proud and visualise parking your chin on a shelf - it will do you the world of good. I want you to be able to feel that chest opening and that spine lengthening.

*Avoid sitting too much, it shortens the hip flexors (you know the ones we stretch in class that I say is a little devil). You also want to keep those glute muscles lengthened. Sitting is a major factor in back problems. Be aware of how much you do.

* Right stop NOW - pull in that core!!! yes, yes, yes I nag about this in class but I bet you don't do it out side of class. So think on now, what's your tummy doing? Is it pooching? Try to be more mindful of core engagement, at any point in the day and not just in class.

There you go folks, a few tips to take you into the weekend. If you are not already planning to attend 9.30am class on Saturday why not book it in your diary, it will be a little cracker

For more details of the next intake plus lot of other things just find me on facebook:-

If you come to class and fancy leaving a review of how you at home classes are working for you it would be more than welcome. It's nice for the general public to see independant views of class and not just self promotion from me.

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